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Our Grateful Dead
Vinciane Despret’s unique storytelling, woven with ethnography and family history, assembles accounts of those living their daily lives with their... Les mer
The Dance of the Arabian Babbler
A groundbreaking reflection on the process by which one arrives at an ethological theory. How do humans study the complex worlds of animals... Les mer
On Not Dying
An ethnographic exploration of technoscientific immortality On Not Dying is an anthropological, historical, and philosophical exploration of... Les mer
Art and Cosmotechnics
In light of current discourses on AI and robotics, what do the various experiences of art contribute to the rethinking of technology... Les mer
Bleak Joys
Bleak Joys develops an understanding of complex entities and processes—from plant roots to forests to ecological damage and its calculation—as... Les mer
In the Anthropocene, as climate change renders environments less stable, the human desire for place underscores the weakness of the individual in the... Les mer
Beyond the Meme
How do cultures change? In recent decades, the concept of the meme, posited as a basic unit of culture analogous to the gene, has been central to... Les mer
From Montaigne to Montaigne
In January 1937, between the two ethnographic trips he would describe in Tristes Tropiques, Claude Lévi-Strauss gave a talk to the Confédération... Les mer
Scenarios III
“Herzog doesn’t write traditional scripts,” Film International remarked of the master filmmaker’s Scenarios I and II. “Instead, he writes... Les mer
South American Journals
When Allen Ginsberg went to South America in 1960, ostensibly to attend a literary conference, he had a different kind of trip in mind. This would be... Les mer
Black Bourgeois
At a moment in U.S. history with repeated reminders of the vulnerability of African Americans to state and extralegal violence, Black Bourgeois is... Les mer
How Not to Make a Human
Mainstream medieval thought, like much of mainstream modern thought, habitually argued that because humans alone had language, reason, and immortal... Les mer
Asemic: The Art of Writing
In recent years, asemic writing—writing without language—has exploded in popularity, with anthologies, a large-scale art exhibition, and... Les mer
The Truth Is Always Grey
Why did many of the twentieth century’s best-known abstract painters often choose grey, frequently considered a noncolor and devoid of meaning?... Les mer
A Capsule Aesthetic
In A Capsule Aesthetic, Kate Mondloch examines how new media installation art intervenes in the fields of technoscience and new materialism, showing... Les mer
Curated Decay: Heritage beyond Saving
A bold new approach to heritage conservation that embraces change and accommodates decay Transporting readers from derelict homesteads to Cold War... Les mer
Brouhaha: Worlds of the Contemporary
Within the hypermediated age where knowledge production is decentered and horizontal, the experience of lived time has become a concordance of... Les mer
Foucault on Painting
Michel Foucault had been concerned about painting and the meaning of the image from his earliest publications, yet this aspect of his thought is... Les mer
What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions?
“You are about to enter a new genre, that of scientific fables, by which I don’t mean science fiction, or false stories about science, but, on... Les mer
Manifestly Haraway
Electrifying, provocative, and controversial when first published thirty years ago, Donna Haraway\u2019s \u201cCyborg Manifesto\u201d is even more... Les mer
The Perversity of Things
Grant Wythoff presents a wide array of texts by famed writer, publisher, and inventor Hugo Gernsback that were foundational both for science fiction... Les mer
Presenting what he terms "a communism of textual matter," Nicholas Thoburn explores the encounter between political thought and experimental writing... Les mer
How Reason Almost Lost Its Mind
In the United States at the height of the Cold War, roughly between the end of World War II and the early 1980s, a new project of redefining... Les mer
Architecture’s Historical Turn
Examines the origins and influence of postmodernist thought in architectural theory Architecture’s Historical Turn traces the hidden history of... Les mer