Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing

Presenting what he terms "a communism of textual matter," Nicholas Thoburn explores the encounter between political thought and experimental writing and publishing. He takes a "post-digital" approach to a wide array of textual media forms, inviting us to challenge the commodity form of books-to stop imagining books as transcendent intellectual, moral, and aesthetic goods unsullied by commerce.

"Anti-Book makes a significant contribution to current scholarship by expanding the theoretical contexts for artists' books and media projects." – Patrick Greaney, author of Quotational Practices

"Drawing on historical examples as well as those of supposedly post-digital print, Thoburn takes apart myths of avant-garde autonomy as well as worn-out claims about resistant media, showing that the 'anti-book' can (still) work as an alternative to commodified culture." – Johanna Drucker, University of California, Los Angeles