This third book in the Cool Memories series is culled from Baudrillard's notebooks in the period when he was composing The Illusion of the End and The Perfect Crime. In it, he resumes his investigation of the meta-metaphysics of objects. Like its predecessors, the book is a work of brief meditations, of poetic musings: in a word, of fragments.

“The most notorious intellectual celebrity to emerge from Paris since Roland Barthes and the most influential prophet of the media since Marshal McLuhan.” — i-D magazine

“A sharp-shooting lone-ranger from the post-Marxist left.“— New York Times

“The most important French thinker of the past twenty years.” — J.G. Ballard

“Prophet of the apocalypse, hysterical lyricist of panic, obsessive recounter of the desolation of the postmodern scene and currently the hottest property on the New York intellectual circuit.” — Guardian

“Egoïste! Egoïste! Egoïste!” — Julie Burchill, Sunday Times

Nøkkelord: Filosofi Idéhistorie