Out of This World: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Creation

Gilles Deleuze was one of the most influential French philosophers of the last century. Michel Foucault famously suggested that the 20th century would be known as “Deleuzian.” His powerful philosophy of desire, difference and “nomadic thought” seemed to hack away at all previous hierarchies in political and philosophical thought, opening a space for radical democratic transformation. Thinkers such as Jameson, Badiou and Negri all acknowledge his work as a profound influence.

Peter Hallward’s new book challenges the hegemony of Deleuze’s work, aiming to go right to the heart of his philosophy. It engages with the central idea that informs virtually all his work: the assertion of an unlimited creative power. Exploring the ways in which Deleuze dissolves anything that might inhibit the expression of this creativity, Hallward argues that he is less a theorist of material complexity and relational difference than a spiritual and “extra-worldly” philosopher. Hallward argues that the problems of conflict and solidarity are effectively dismissed in Deleuze’s work — as is the possibility of any political transformation.

This powerful and thorough critique shows once and for all that the Deleuzian century is over. If we want to change the future we need to look elsewhere.

Praise for Absolutely Postcolonial

“Finally the word we were all secretly waiting for!”— Slavoj Zizek

“This monumental study transforms the terms within which critical understanding of postcolonial culture has been conducted. Lucid, difficult, highly original and sometimes contentious, Hallward’s stimulating book provides a new benchmark for all future debate in this field.” — Paul Gilroy

Praise for Badiou: A Subject to Truth

“This is an admirable book in every way, and it is hard to imagine how, as an introduction to a contemporary philosopher, it can be surpassed, so amazing are its range and depth.” — Jean-Jacques Lecercle

Peter Hallward is Professor of Modern European Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University, London. His books include Absolutely Postcolonial: Writing Between the Singular and the Specific and Badiou: A Subject to Truth.

Nøkkelord: Filosofi Idéhistorie Kontinental filosofi

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