The Absence of Myth. Writings on Surrealism

Georges Bataille was one of the most provocative and controversial writers of his time. These essays, the result of profound reflection in the wake of World War II, comprise his most incisive study of surrealism, insisting on its importance as a cultural and social phenomenon with far-reaching consequences. They clarify Bataille’s links with the surrealist movement, and shed light on his complex and greatly misunderstood relationship with André Breton.

“One of the most important writers of the century.” — Michel Foucault

“An illuminating historical document.” — Literary Review

“Challenging and terrifying … ” — Radical Philosophy

“The book is never less than fascinating and reveals Bataille as a wit as well as a thinker.” — Time Higher Education Supplement

Georges Bataille
(1897–1962) was a novelist and philosopher. His works include The Story of the Eye, On Nietzsche, The Accursed Share, Literature and Evil and Eroticism.

    Georges Bataille: The Absence of Myth. Writings on Surrealism
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