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`She pinpoints the collision of oracle and anachronism.' - Teju Cole, Anne Carson dazzles us, book after book, with her inventiveness, her ranging... Les mer
Street Haunting and Other Essays
Virginia Woolf began writing reviews for the Guardian 'to make a few pence' from her father's death in 1904, and continued until the last decade of... Les mer
I’m Your Man
The genius behind such classic songs as Suzanne, Bird on the Wire and Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen has been one of the most important and influential... Les mer
The map and the territory
Artist Jed Martin emerges from a ten-year hiatus with good news. It has nothing to do with his broken boiler, the approach of another lamentably... Les mer
The Essays of Virginia Woolf (vol. 6)
Presents essays on Turgenev, Goldsmith, Congreve, Gibbon and Horace Walpole. This title is suitable for for students, common readers and scholars... Les mer
While Mortals Sleep
Set in trailers, bars and factories, Vonnegut conjures up a world where men and machines, art and artifice, fame and fortune become curiously twisted... Les mer
Look At the Birdie
Look at the Birdie evokes a world in which squabbling couples, high school geniuses, misfit office workers, and small-town Lotharios struggle to... Les mer
Too Much Happiness
Brilliantly paced, lit with sparks of danger and underlying menace, these are dazzling, provocative stories about Svengali men, and radical women who... Les mer
Poe: A Life Cut Short
Edgar Allan Poe began his literary career composing verses modelled on Byron. Poe has been claimed as the forerunner of modern fantasy. This... Les mer
This is Not the End of the Book
A book lover today might sometimes feel like the fictional medieval friar William of Baskerville in Eco’s The Name of the Rose, watching the... Les mer
The Book of Flights
Young Man Hogan's journey begins in the dazzling streets of a nameless necropolis, and leads across fleeting landscapes - deserts, seas, mountains,... Les mer
Selected Letters
This title is edited by Joanne Trautmann Banks, with a preface by Hermione Lee. The finest and most enjoyable of Virginia Woolf's letters are... Les mer
Selected Diaries
Virginia Woolf turned to her diary as to an intimate friend, to whom she could freely and spontaneously confide her thoughts on public events or the... Les mer
Turning Back the Clock
After the Cold War, the 'Hot War' has made its comeback in Afghanistan and Iraq. Exhuming Kipling's "Great Game", we have gone back to the clash... Les mer
Diary of a Bad Year
An eminent, aging Australian writer is invited to contribute to a book entitled "Strong Opinions". For him, troubled by Australia's... Les mer
Praying Mantis
In his early years, growing up on a Dutch farm in the deep interior of the southern African Cape, Cupido Cockroach became the greatest drinker, liar,... Les mer
Before I Forget
Chris Minaar is a writer; a distinguished South African writer, an old writer, a writer who has lost whatever gift he had for writing. It is on New... Les mer
Orlando: A Biography
Orlando: A Biography is an influential novel by Virginia Woolf, first published on 11 October 1928. A semi-biographical novel based in part on the... Les mer
Absalom, Absalom!
Narrated by Quentin Compson, the suicide in The Sound and the Fury, this is the tale of Thomas Sutpen, a poor White who dreams of founding a dynasty.... Les mer
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Tells the story of a nightmare voyage to the South Pole told by the sole survivor, the bright-eyed ancient mariner whose wanton killing of an... Les mer
Common Reader: Volume 1
Woolf attempts to see literature from the perspective of the "common reader", someone whom she distinguished from the critic and the scholar. She... Les mer
The Other Side Of Silence
As a small child in wintry Bremen, Hanna dreams about escaping from years of abuse in the orphanage and in service. She joins a shipload of young... Les mer
This is ultimately a story about being in possession of your own life. Zoroastrian myth, Sufism, Communism and Freud are woven together to create a... Les mer
A Haunted House
Acclaimed on its first publication, rich in fictional delights, this complete collection of Virginia Woolf's shorter fiction ranges from 1906... Les mer