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Documentary Film
  Patricia Aufderheide Very Short Introductions Takes readers along the diverse paths of documentary history and charts the lively,... Les mer
Photography and Cinema
What did the arrival of cinema do for photography? How did the moving image change our relation to the still image? Why have cinema and photography... Les mer
Multimedia Histories
"Multimedia Histories: From the Magic Lantern to the Internet" is the first book to explore in detail the vital connections between... Les mer
The 4 Dreams of Miss X
Discusses the collaboration between Agent Provocateur and Kate Moss, and about Moss' first acting role, resulting in four unique online films:... Les mer
Casting a Shadow
Alfred Hitchcock is often held up as the prime example of the one-man filmmaker, conceiving and controlling all aspects of his films'... Les mer
Aldrig tidigare har det svenska folket konsumerat så mycket film som just nu, i 2000-talets begynnelse, antingen det är på biograferna, på video,... Les mer
I vår samtida tv-kultur, med kommersiella kanaler, kabel-tv, satellit-tv och inom en inte alltför avlägsen framtid också en genomförd... Les mer
Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond
  Omtale av Film Genre Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond provides a detailed account of genre history and contemporary trends in film... Les mer
Anthony McCall
Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone has long been a classic of American avant-garde cinema, but because it was most often screened in dusty... Les mer
Masters of Cinema: Stanley Kubrick
  Omtale av Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick (USA, 1928-99) was a master who took the art of filmmaking further than any other contemporary... Les mer
Film and Cinema Spectatorship
  Omtale av Film and Cinema Spectatorship Film and Cinema Spectatorship provides a clear and wide--ranging introduction to different... Les mer
The French Cinema Book
  Omtale av The French Cinema Book "The French Cinema Book "is an accessible and innovative survey of key topics in French cinema... Les mer
French Cinema
To a large extent the story of French filmmaking is the story of moviemaking. From the earliest images through the silent era, Surrealist influence,... Les mer
Teaching World Cinema
IIs there such a thing as World Cinema? Is it simply cinema that isn't from Hollywood? Is British or European Cinema part of World Cinema, or is... Les mer
Ivan the terrible
Eisenstein's last, unfinished masterpiece is a strange, complex and haunting film. Commissioned personally by Stalin in 1941, the project placed... Les mer
Film Editing: The Art of the Expressive
Film Editing provides an introduction to the craft of editing in the non-silent film. In clear and accessible language, Valerie Orpen considers... Les mer
Indian Popular Cinema
India produces more films than any other country but its popular cinema has remained peripheral to western cinema buffs. This book provides a... Les mer
The European Cinema Reader
  Omtale av The European Cinema Reader The European Cinema Reader is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of national... Les mer
The Complete Make-Up Artist
Here at last is the long-awaited second edition of the best-selling "how to" book by England's leading make-up artist. This... Les mer
The Films of Fritz Lang
  In this remarkable new study, the renowned historian and theorist of early cinema turns his attention to the work of Fritz Lang, proposing... Les mer
Film theory: An i troduction
Beskrivelse: This book is a lively and provoking introduction to film theory. It is suitable for students from any discipline but is... Les mer