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The U.S.-U.S.S.R. Grain Agreement
This study of the 1975 US-USSR Grain Agreement negotiations illuminates the parameters and constraints faced by policy makers in a democratic,... Les mer
The Conquests of Alexander the Great
Waldemar Heckel provides a revisionist overview of the conquests of Alexander the Great. Emphasising the aims and impact of his military expeditions,... Les mer
Ancient Greek Divination
The first English-language survey of ancient Greek divinatory methods, Ancient Greek Divination offers a broad yet detailed treatment of the earliest... Les mer
The Moral Force of Indigenous Politics
Tracing the political origins of the Mexican indigenous rights movement, from the colonial encounter to the Zapatista uprising, and from Chiapas to... Les mer
Women and Achievement in Nineteenth-Century Europe
This major new history of European women's professional activities and organizational roles during the ‘long’ nineteenth century examines what... Les mer
Charlemagne is often claimed as the greatest ruler in Europe before Napoleon. In this magisterial new study, Rosamond McKitterick re-examines... Les mer
Making a New Deal
This book examines how it was possible and what it meant for ordinary factory workers to become effective unionists and national political... Les mer
Stewards, Lords and People
The landed estates were one of the fundamental structures of early modern England. They were omnipresent, for they were not confined to the... Les mer
Three French Writers and the Great War
The impact of the First World War on European society and the rise of Communism and Fascism are important subjects that concern all students of... Les mer
A History of Nigeria
Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the world’s eighth largest oil producer, but its success has been undermined in recent decades by... Les mer
Passion and Preferences
The 1896 Democratic National Convention simultaneously proposed a radically new trajectory for American industrial expansion, harshly repudiated its... Les mer
Forest Farmers and Stockherders
Drawing extensively on anthropological theory and ecological models of human adaptation, Forest Farmers and Stockherders explores the single most... Les mer
The First Writing
Ancient writing gives us our first glimpse of history, people and institutions, and yet its origins remain mysterious. This book offers the most... Les mer
En liten världshistoria
Ernst Gombrich (1909�2001) är mest känd för sin Konstens historia. Hans första bok var emellertid en världshistoria för »unga läsare», som... Les mer
Before the Bauhaus
Before the Bauhaus re-evaluates the political, architectural, and artistic cultures of pre-World War I Germany. As contradictory and conflict-ridden... Les mer
Revolution and the People in Russia and China
A unique comparative account of the roots of Communist revolution in Russia and China. Steve Smith examines the changing social identities of... Les mer
Sir John Seeley and the Uses of History
Sir John Seeley, first Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge an historian of the British empire, is best known for his remark that the... Les mer
The Writing Revolution
In a world of rapid technological advancements, it can be easy to forget that writing is the original Information Technology, created to transcend... Les mer
The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages
How did people of the medieval period explain physical phenomena, such as eclipses or the distribution of land and water on the globe? What creatures... Les mer
Global Lives
This is a fascinating and unique account of Britain’s rise as a global imperial power told through the lives of over forty individuals from a huge... Les mer
The Iron Age Community of Osteria dell'Osa
Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri, one of the finest Italian protohistorians, deals in this monograph with a major archaeological site, the Iron Age... Les mer
London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914
London and the Culture of Homosexuality explores the relationship between London and male homosexuality from the criminalization of all ‘acts of... Les mer
Socialism and Democracy in Czechoslovakia
This book is about the political, social and economic changes in Czechoslovakia in the years 1945– 1948. In 1945 the ‘national revolution’... Les mer
Soviet Book Publishing Policy
This book first published in 1978 provides a broad and comprehensive view of the Soviet book publishing industry based on extensive use of Soviet... Les mer