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Kun lagervarer
Norsktoppen er en samling tekster basert på hyppig spilte norskspråklige sanger på Spotify - 10 gjengangere som går igjen på folks spillelister.... Les mer
Søskenbarnet ditt
Hvor greit er det å være forelska i søskenbarnet sitt? Hvor greit er det at søskenbarnet ditt vet om det? Hvor greit er det at søsteren din... Les mer
Les particules élémentaires
Michel, chercheur en biologie rigoureusement déterministe, incapable d’aimer, gère le déclin de sa sexualité en se consacrant au travail, à... Les mer
Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2019 – Konsert med Blixa Bargeld og Teho Teardo 24. august
Billetter kun for de som allerede har kjøpt festivalpass eller dagspass lørdag 24. august til Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2019. Øvrige... Les mer
Farlig midsommar
Farlig midsommar handlar om vad som hände i Mumindalen den magiska månaden juni samma år som det eldsprutande berget vaknade och Mumintrollets... Les mer
Between the Acts
'One of the great writers of the twentieth century' Guardian It is June in 1939, and the inhabitants of a country house prepare to host the... Les mer
Selected Short Stories
'Woolf is modern ... With Joyce and Eliot she has shaped a literary century' Jeanette Winterson Virginia Woolf tested the boundaries of fiction in... Les mer
A woman on a plane listens to the stranger in the seat next to hers telling her the story of his life: his work, his marriage, and the harrowing... Les mer
The Rings of Saturn
What begins as the record of a journey on foot through coastal East Anglia becomes the great, constellated story of people and cultures past and... Les mer
The Cost of Living
From the twice-Man Booker Prize-shortlisted author of Hot Milk and Swimming Home : Dazzling, essential, entirely unlike anything else -- a memoir on... Les mer
A Life’s Work
A Life's Work is Rachel Cusk's funny, moving, brutally honest account of her early experiences of motherhood. An education in babies, books,... Les mer
In the winter of 2009, Rachel Cusk's marriage of ten years came to an end. In the months that followed, life as she had known it came apart, "like a... Les mer
Thelma och Victor älskar bortom tid och rum. Men när Thelma inser att hon har varit värddjur åt ett utsvultet äktenskap, det vill säga... Les mer
The Spirit of Science Fiction
Two young poets, Jan and Remo, find themselves adrift in Mexico City. Obsessed with poetry, and, above all, with science fiction, they are eager to... Les mer
Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August
For sixteen days in the summer of 1936, the world's attention turned to the German capital as it hosted the Olympic Games. Seen through the eyes of a... Les mer
A Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Irish Times, Refinery29, TLS and The White Review Book of the Year 2018 A provocative novel about the desire... Les mer
Arlington Park
Arlington Park is an ordinary English suburb. Over the course of a single day, the novel moves from one household to another, revealing its... Les mer
The Country Life
Stella Benson sets off for Hilltop, a tiny Sussex village housing a family that is somewhat larger than life. Her hopes for the Maddens may be high,... Les mer
Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2019 – Dagspass 23. august
23.-24. august 2019 arrangeres Møllebyen Litteraturfestival for syvende gang i Moss. Programmet består av opplesninger, foredrag, samtaler,... Les mer
The Road
The post-apocalyptic modern classic with an introduction by novelist John Banville. In a burned-out America, a father and his young son walk under a... Les mer
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
"My mother has been dead for almost seven weeks: I had better go to work before the need to write about her, which I felt so strongly at her funeral,... Les mer
I Remain in Darkness
A powerful meditation on ageing and familial love, I REMAIN IN DARKNESS recounts Annie Ernaux's attempts to help her mother recover from Alzheimer's... Les mer
Den andre forsvinninga
Da jeg lå våken av reisefeber i natt, tenkte jeg at det er det samme i meg som vil sove, som gjør at jeg ikke får sove, og det er det samme i meg... Les mer
Din största glädje
Din största glädje är en berättelse om kraft. Om den största sorgen och om lyckan i att få ge allt. Absolut allt. Vad händer med en... Les mer