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The Recognition and Management of Early Psychosis
The treatment of early psychosis has been bedevilled by an entrenched pessimism, stemming from the asylum era and the Kraepelinian model of... Les mer
Research Methods for Social Psychology
Research Methods for Social Psychology teaches students to think like an experimental social psychologist. Striking a balance between theoretical... Les mer
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Psychology provides students with an in-depth and insightful introduction to the clinical practice of forensic psychology. Incorporating two... Les mer
Psychopathology is a comprehensive introductory textbook covering all facets of psychopathology and clinical practice for students at all levels... Les mer
Sleep Medicine
Sleep disorders exact a high toll on society in terms of diminished quality of life, reduced productivity and cost to medical services. This book... Les mer
Stalkers and their Victims
Stalking has moved from being a novel area for study to become a core area of concern for mental health professionals, lawyers and other members of... Les mer
Neuropsychological Neurology
Essential to the management of patients suffering from neurological disorders is an understanding of the cognitive aspects of these conditions. This... Les mer
Intervention and Resilience after Mass Trauma
Traumatic events and disasters are an unexpected but not uncommon aspect of our lives. This book describes the field of disaster mental and... Les mer
Society and Psychosis
Psychiatry is in the process of rediscovering its roots. It seemed as if the long history of interest in the impact of society on the rates and... Les mer
Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome and Spasticity
Spasticity is a disabling problem for many adults and children with a variety of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral... Les mer
Adolescent Emotional Development and the Emergence of Depressive Disorders
One of the most striking aspects of the epidemiology of depressive disorders is the rapid rise in incidence observed between the ages of 11 and 14.... Les mer
History of Cognitive Neuroscience
History of Cognitive Neuroscience documents the major neuroscientific experiments and theories over the last century and a half in the domain of... Les mer
No one reacts or responds to a drug in exactly the same way, just as no two persons are exactly alike. Individual and ethnic differences in drug... Les mer
Bipolar II Disorder
Bipolar depression is now known to exist as a spectrum of disorders rather than a single disease entity. Bipolar II Disorder exists on this spectrum... Les mer
The Individual in the Changing Working Life
Working life has been the subject of great change in recent years with contemporary conditions generally providing increased opportunities and... Les mer
Religion og psykiatri
Om forholdet mellom eksistensiell psykoterapi og religiøs sjelesorg. "Religion? Jeg? Dere vet jo at jeg betrakter meg selv som praktiserende... Les mer
Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized
In Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized Sternberg reviews and summarizes the best research available on human intelligence. He argues... Les mer
What is Intelligence?
Professor James Flynn is one of the most creative and influential psychologists in the field of intelligence. The \'Flynn Effect\' refers to the... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Vygotsky
L. S. Vygotsky was an early-twentieth-century Russian social theorist whose writing exerts a significant influence on the development of social... Les mer
Society and Identity
Since the 1940s, there has been an explosion of writings, both scientific and nonscientific, about the question of ‘identity’ and what it means... Les mer
The Nutritional Psychology of Childhood
The Nutritional Psychology of Childhood is a systematic account of research on the psychological aspects of nutrition in children from birth to... Les mer
Narrative and Understanding Persons
The human world is replete with narratives – narratives of our making that are uniquely appreciated by us. Some thinkers have afforded special... Les mer
Routes to Child Language
A remarkable case study based on a detailed comparison of non-human primates and human infants brings together key abilities that provide the... Les mer
The Psychology of Religious Knowing
The book seeks to describe the psychological processes that are involved in arriving at religious knowledge. The view that direct knowledge is... Les mer