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Form and Meaning in Word Formation
This study of reduplication in Afrikaans provides a unified and principled analysis of an unusual and highly complex word formation process, shedding... Les mer
Syntax and Parsing
This book examines the role of syntax in theories of sentence comprehension, and argues for a distinct processing component which is devoted to the... Les mer
Derivations in Minimalism
This pathbreaking study presents a new perspective on the role of derivation, the series of operations by which sentences are formed. Working within... Les mer
Conditionals and Prediction
This book offers a new and in-depth analysis of English conditional sentences. In a wide-ranging discussion, Dancygier classifies conditional... Les mer
The Germanic Languages
Germanic - one of the largest sub-groups of the Indo-European language family - comprises 37 languages with an estimated 470 million speakers... Les mer
A Reference Grammar of Spoken Tamil
This is a reference grammar of the standard spoken variety of Tamil, a language with 65 million speakers in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore.... Les mer
Morphological Productivity
Why are there more English words ending in -ness than ending in -ity? What is it about some endings that makes them more widely usable than others?... Les mer
The Acquisition of Aspect and Modality
Ayhan Aksu-Koç’s empirical research on Turkish children’s acquisition of the past tense forms the basis for this original and important... Les mer
Conditions on Phonological Government
This is the first extended study written within the framework of Government Phonology. Following the presentation of the main aspects of this theory,... Les mer
English Historical Metrics
This volume identifies historical metrics as an important discipline within English studies and raises significant questions about the composition... Les mer
Relevance Relations in Discourse
This book uses Sperber and Wilson’s relevance theory to show that connectivity in discourse is a pragmatic rather than a semantic matter: it... Les mer
In this new work, Bernd Heine claims that the structure of grammatical categories is predictable to a large extent once we know the range of possible... Les mer
The Dynamics of Focus Structure
In this book, Nomi Erteschik-Shir develops a new theory of focus structure, integrating insights from syntax, semantics, phonology and pragmatics.... Les mer
Using Spanish Synonyms
Written for those with a basic competence in Spanish, this comprehensive synonyms guide is designed to help the learner find the right word for the... Les mer
Creole Genesis and the Acquisition of Grammar
This study focuses on the cognitive processes involved in creole genesis - relexification, reanalysis and direct levelling - processes which the... Les mer
Inflectional Morphology
A new contribution to linguistic theory, this book presents a formal framework for the analysis of word structure in human language. It sets forth... Les mer
Lexical Phonology and the History of English
This book has two main goals: the re-establishment of a rule-based phonology as a viable alternative to current non-derivational models and the... Les mer
Restrictiveness in Case Theory
Henry Smith develops a theory of syntactic case and examines its synchronic and diachronic consequences. Within a unification-based framework, the... Les mer
The Raising of Predicates
One of the basic premises of the theory of syntax is that clause structures can be minimally identified as containing a verb phrase, playing the role... Les mer
The Verb in Contemporary English
This collection of essays by some of the leading scholars in the field sheds new light on the verb in English. The central concern of the volume is... Les mer
A Notional Theory of Syntactic Categories
This book presents an innovative theory of syntactic categories and the lexical classes they define. It revives the traditional idea that these are... Les mer
The Morphology of Chinese
This ground breaking study dispels the common belief that Chinese doesn’t have words’ but instead has characters. Jerome Packard’s book... Les mer
The Syntax of Adjuncts
This book proposes a theory of the distribution of adverbial adjuncts in a Principles and Parameters framework, claiming that there are few syntactic... Les mer
The Acquisition of Two Languages from Birth
This book deals with the question of how children exposed to two languages simultaneously from birth learn to speak those two languages. After a... Les mer