Bøker med nøkkelord «Antropologi»

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Forest Farmers and Stockherders
Drawing extensively on anthropological theory and ecological models of human adaptation, Forest Farmers and Stockherders explores the single most... Les mer
Systems of Nominal Classification
This book addresses the fundamental linguistic question of how the perceived world is expressed through systems of nominal classification that are... Les mer
The Majangir
The Majangir live on the thickly forested slopes of the south-western edge of the Ethiopian plateau, between the Anuak of the plains and the Galla of... Les mer
Inequality Among Brothers
Using historical documents and evidence gathered in the field, Rubie Watson provides a social history of the 600-year-old Chinese lineage village of... Les mer
Samisk shamanism
Jörgen I Eriksson har under sina resor i Sameland noga följt och studerat noajdiens och det samiska tänkandets andliga renässans. Har den... Les mer
A Theory of Property
This book represents a major new statement on the issue of property rights. It argues for the justification of some rights of private property while... Les mer
Vandrare i två världar
1986 påbörjade Jörgen I Eriksson sina fältstudier om den samiska shamanismen. Nu, nästan tjugo år senare, återvänder han för en ny... Les mer