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Arena 2/2009: Striden om islamismen
Tidskriften för en radikal samhällsdebatt och kultursyn. I Arena hittar man de initierade intervjuerna och de välskrivna artiklarna. Arena är den... > Les mer
After Tragedy and Triumph
The story of American Jewry is inextricably entwined with the awesome defeat of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the state of Israel. However, for... Les mer
Addresses to the German Nation
This is the first translation of Fichte’s addresses to the German nation for almost 100 years. The series of 14 speeches, delivered whilst Berlin... Les mer
Atheism in Christianity
In recent years religious faith has come under much scrutiny from secular progressives. Fear of a rise in Islamic and Christian fundamentalism has... Les mer
Dante and the Franciscans
Nick Havely examines the connections between Dante, the Franciscans and the Papacy as they appear in the Commedia and presents the poem as one... Les mer
William James and the Metaphysics of Experience
William James is frequently considered one of America’s most important philosophers, as well as a foundational thinker for the study of religion.... Les mer
D. H. Lawrence and the Bible
The Bible, as this book demonstrates, plays a key role in nearly all D. H. Lawrence’s work. It supplies not only the inspiration but on occasion... Les mer
Coleridge, Philosophy and Religion
Coleridge’s relation to his German contemporaries constitutes the toughest problem in assessing his standing as a thinker. For the last... Les mer
An Introduction to World Anglicanism
What is the nature of world Anglicanism in a postcolonial, global age? With talk of fragmentation constantly in the media, what does it mean to be... Les mer
Toward a Theory of Human Rights
Neither the morality of human rights nor its relation to the law of human rights is well understood. In this book, Michael Perry addresses three... Les mer
What is Truth? From the Academy to the Vatican
This book studies the nature, growth and prospects of Roman Catholic culture, viewed as capable of appropriating all that is noble both from internal... Les mer
Theology and the Drama of History
How can theology think and talk about history? Building on the work of the major twentieth-century theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar as well as... Les mer
The Public Forum and Christian Ethics
This book addresses the question of the communication of Christian ethics in the public forum of liberal, pluralist societies. Drawing on debates in... Les mer
Religion and the Human Future
This powerful manifesto outlines a vision called theological humanism based on the idea that that the integrity of life provides a way to articulate... Les mer
Religion and Faction in Hume's Moral Philosophy
This book explores Hume’s concern with the destructiveness of religious factions and his efforts to develop, in his moral philosophy, a solution to... Les mer
Events of Grace
In the liberal theological tradition dating from Schleiermacher, Events of Grace demonstrates that the Christian faith can be fully compatible with a... Les mer
Christian Pluralism in the United States
Recent immigrant Christians from India are changing the face of American Christianity. They are establishing churches with Orthodox, Protestant and... Les mer
Ecumenism, Christian Origins and the Practice of Communion
The theology of communion, or Koinonia, has been at the centre of the ecumenical movement for more than thirty years. It is central to the... Les mer
Early American Women Critics
Early American Women Critics demonstrates that performances of various kinds - religious, political and cultural - enabled women to enter the human... Les mer
Christianity, Art and Transformation
Christianity, Art and Transformation explores the historical and contemporary relationship between the arts and Christianity with reference to the... Les mer
Theology in the Russian Diaspora
The author at the centre of this study, Russian priest-theologian Nikolai Nikolaevich Afanas'ev, was perhaps the most influential thinker about the... Les mer
Mahdis and Millenarians
Mahdis and Millenarians is a discussion of Shiite groups in eighth- and ninth-century Iraq and Iran, whose ideas reflected a mixture of indigenous... Les mer
Agora: Nr. 3 2007: Charles Taylor
Dette temanummeret av Agora er viet den kanadiske filosofen Charles... > Les mer
Prosperity and Plunder
In the Catholic countries of seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Europe, communities of monks and nuns were growing in number and wealth. By... Les mer