SITE 31-32: Remake Remodel

Contents:"French Philosophy Since 1945", Fredrika Spindler "Utopian Thinking in Past and Contemporary Times," Sinziana Ravini "Universal Modernism, Swedish Art Heroine," Charlotte Bydler "'Pastoral Power' and the Techniques for Controlling the Poor and Unemployed," Maurizio Lazzarato "Inventing a Silence," Alexandre Costanzo "The Ground Zero Mosque That Wasn't One: Media and Architecture in America," Joel McKim "Who's Afraid of Red, Blue and Yellow?," Sam Smiles "Water Lilies and the Gesture of Melancholy: On Monet's Late Works," Bente Larsen "Adorno and the Problem of Late Style," Sven-Olov Wallenstein "Introduction to 'Quality Education'," Kim West & Karl Lydén "Cogito Ergo Insurgo! The Italian University: Laboratory of Crisis and Critique," Sara R. Farris "On the Role of the University in the Age of Management Politics," Hans Ruin "The Multiple University and the Heroism of Forms: Variations on an Infinite Autonomy," Stéphane Douailler "Adventures in the Sausage Factory: A Cursory Overview of UK University Struggles, November 2010-2011," Danny Hayward "Dutch Austerity and Free Academies: An Interview With Katja Diefenbach," Karl Lydén