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What is Dada???
This volume collects together the Dada writings of Theo van Doesburg, the celebrated De Stijl architect. Apart from the title lecture these texts... Les mer
The Automatic Muse
This book contains: Robert Desnos . Mourning for Mourning Michel Leiris . The Cardinal Point Georges Limbour . The Polar Child Benjamin... Les mer
DADA Almanac
"Dada Means Nothing!” So proclaimed Tristan Tzara, the movement’s tireless publicist. Yet this did not prevent the most fanatical and... Les mer
True History of The College of ’Pataphysics
A history of the College accompanied by its principal doctrinal and constitutional documents: statutes, manifestos, pronouncements of the... Les mer
François Caradec
Raymond Roussel (1877-1933) - poet, novelist, playwright, musician, chess enthusiast, neurasthenic, homosexual, drug addict, probable suicide - an... Les mer
Paintings of the Fortuitous School in Public Collections
Entirely serious explorations of what is possible in painting using media of surprising provenance. Pol Bury was an associate of COBRA and the... Les mer
Writings of the Vienna Actionists
The limited edition has an attached wrapper of hand-made paper blind-stamped with the Arkhive symbols and signed by Brus, Nitsch and Muehl. It is... Les mer
The Complete Works
The collected short and absurdist stories of the Romanian writer “Urmuz”, dating from the early years of the twentieth century up until their... Les mer
The Devil’s Popess
When it was first brought out, by a publisher specialising in erotica (in a series containing such titles as Les Passions de Gisèle and Les Plaisirs... Les mer
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
This edition is limited to 100 numbered copies for sale, with twenty copies hors commerce lettered A to T, reserved for the authors and publishers.... Les mer
4 Stories
4 Stories: Glass Eyes, The Panorama, Musical Notebook for X, Description of a Painting Stories by the dissident Surrealist, associate of Bataille... Les mer
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance is arguably the most important and entertaining “Artist’s Book” of the post-war period. This edition is the... Les mer
A Game of War
Guy Debord is best known as the prime mover of the Situationist International (1957-1972), as a filmmaker, and as the author of The Society of the... Les mer
A Mammal’s Notebook
Dismissed as a bizarre eccentric by many, Erik Satie has come to be seen as a key influence on twentieth century music. His compositions include,... Les mer
The Lives of the Gods
A selection of Savinio’s early stories, many of which appeared in Surrealist magazines in the thirties. Savinio was the brother of the artist... Les mer
Adventures In ’Pataphysics
In a short and legendary life, Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) created a unique and large body of work that included plays, novels, poetry, journalism and... Les mer
Pauses in the Procession
A sequence of prose poems by one of the greatest, and least translated, of the Symbolist writers. Preceded by an essay by Remy de Gourmont. The... Les mer
New Impressions of Africa
Raymond Roussel: poet, novelist, neurasthenic, dandy, drug addict, probable suicide, above all an eccentric whose immense riches allowed him to... Les mer
the autobiography of albert einstein
Gerhard Roth’s first “novel,” originally published in 1972, is a triumphant refutation of the death of modernism: a lucid, morbid and... Les mer
On the Brink
Gerhard Roth, born in Graz in 1942, is one of Austria’s most important and controversial authors. His ninth novel, On the Brink, was published in... Les mer
Raymond Roussel: Life, Death and Works
Essays & Stories by Various Hands, including Andrew Thompson, Robert De Montesquiou, Philippe Soupault, Pierre Janet, Roger Vitrac, Salvador Dali,... Les mer
The classic modern gothic novel. A manuscript stolen from a monastery; the ancient stone house of a sea-trading dynasty, which may be haunted. These... Les mer
Oulipo Laboratory
The Oulipo was founded in 1960 by a group of leading French writers and mathematicians, it still meets regularly some thirty five years later, making... Les mer
Cycle of Violence
Atlas Press originally published this fiercely hysterical graphic novel in 1992 in an edition of 300 copies, now eagerly sought by collectors. In the... Les mer