Pre-Prison Writings

This collection of Gramsci’s pre-prison writings, newly translated and including a number of pieces not previously available in English, covers the whole gamut of his journalistic activity, ranging from general cultural criticism to commentaries on local, national and international events. These early articles reveal the genesis of many of the themes of the Prison Notebooks, such as the function of intellectuals, the importance of cultural hegemony in holding societies together, and the role of the party in organising a revolutionary consciousness. In particular, the collection highlights the specifically Italian political, cultural and social origins and relevance of much of Gramsci’s innovatory reworking of certain central concepts of Marxist thought. It will be of interest to a broad range of scholars and students concerned with the history of political, social and cultural thought in the twentieth century.

• Covers the whole gamut of Gramsci’s journalistic activity • Inclusion of early pieces throws new light on the evolution of Gramsci’s contribution to Marxist thought • All writings newly translated, including some pieces never translated before


1. On Marx; 2. The new order; 3. Socialism and fascism; 4. The construction of the Italian Communist Party.


‘… a refreshing perspective … Richard Bellamy’s selection is judicious, Virginia Cox’s translation scrupulous and the notes informative’. Times Literary Supplement