Julia Kristeva

One of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century, Julia Kristeva has been driving forward the fields of literary and cultural studies since the 1960s. This volume is an accessible, introductory guide to the main themes of Kristeva's work, including her ideas on:

*semiotics and symbolism

McAfee provides clear explanations of the more difficult aspects of Kristeva's theories, helpfully placing her ideas in the relevant theoretical context, be it literary theory, psychoanalysis, linguistics, gender studies or philosophy, and demonstrates the impact of her critical interventions in these areas.

Julia Kristeva is the essential guide for readers who are approaching the work of this challeging thinker for the first time, and provides the ideal opportunity for those with more knowledge to re-familiarise themselves with Kristeva's key terms.

Nøkkelord: Filosofi Teori Postmodernisme Litteraturvitenskap

    Noelle McAfee: Julia Kristeva
  • Forlag: Routledge
  • Utgivelsesår: 2003
  • Kategori: Filosofi
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  • ISBN: 9780415250092
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