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Political Descartes
The renowned co-author of Empire with his classic study of the founder of modern philosophy—available in English for the first time. “One of... Les mer
Archaeologies of the Future
“Fredric Jameson is America’s leading Marxist critic. A prodigiously energetic thinker whose writings sweep majestically from Sophocles to... Les mer
The Absence of Myth. Writings on Surrealism
Georges Bataille was one of the most provocative and controversial writers of his time. These essays, the result of profound reflection in the wake... Les mer
Out of This World
Gilles Deleuze was one of the most influential French philosophers of the last century. Michel Foucault famously suggested that the 20th century... Les mer
Precarious Life
An appraisal of post-September 11 America presents the U.S. government's decision to attack Afghanistan and Iraq as a response to loss and grief,... Les mer
Moving Mountains
In despatches written from villages and cities around the world, Anne-christine d'Askey reports on the greatest challenge facing us today: the... Les mer
Lacan: The Silent Partners
Jacques Lacan is the foremost psychoanalytic theorist after Freud. Revolutionizing the study of social relations, his work has been a major influence... Les mer
Lust for Life
Kathy Acker one of the most original, subversive and influential writers of the late 20th century. Known variously, and notoriously, as a consummate... Les mer
Minima Moralia
“A volume of Adorno is equivalent to a whole shelf of books on literature.” — Susan Sontag “The best thoughts of a noble and invigorating... Les mer
For Marx
A milestone in the development of post-war Marxist thought, this is the work in which Louis Althusser formulated some of his most influential ideas.... Les mer
The System of Objects
A cultural critique of the commodity in consumer society, The System of Objects is a tour de force – a theoretical letter-in-a-bottle tossed into... Les mer
Liberalism and Democracy
A magisterial introduction to the relationship between liberalism and democracy, from its beginnings in classical Greek thought to our own... Les mer
The Function of Criticism
This wide-ranging book argues that criticism emerged in early bourgeois society as a central feature of a “public sphere” in which political,... Les mer
Signs Taken for Wonders
A compelling analysis of the relations between high and mass culture, from tragedy and horror to detective fiction and classical... Les mer
The Return of the Political
An original and powerful statement which enables us to close the widening gap between liberal democracy and the events of a disordered world.... Les mer
Redesigning Distribution
Are there ways that contemporary capitalism can be rendered a dramatically more egalitarian economic system without destroying its productivity and... Les mer
Sexuality in the Field of Vision
A brilliantly original exploration of the interface between feminism, psychoanalysis, semiotics and film theory. Jacqueline Rose is a... Les mer
The Information Bomb
Virilio’s exploration of the relationship between technology, speed, war and information technology weaves together a breathtaking worldview of... Les mer
Culture and Materialism
A comprehensive introduction to the work of one of the outstanding intellectuals of the twentieth century.  Raymond Williams is a towering... Les mer
Old Europe, New Europe, Core Europe
Shortly after the hostilities of the Iraq War were declared to have come to an end, the renowned philosopher Jurgen Habermas, with the endorsement of... Les mer
Incoherent Empire
A provocative critique of George W. Bush and his administration analyzes the dangerous, self-interested, anti-democratic, and imperialistic policies... Les mer
Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle
In order to render the strange logic of dreams, Freud quoted the old joke about the borrowed kettle: (1) I never borrowed a kettle from you, (2) I... Les mer
Figures of Dissent
Playwright, literary theorist, fine analyst of the works of Shakespeare, the Brontes, Swift and Joyce, scourge of postmodernism, autobiographer --... Les mer
The Metastases of Enjoyment
A disturbing and radical examination of the status of women and the role of violence in contemporary culture and... Les mer