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Alliteration and Sound Change in Early English
This study uses evidence from early English verse to reconstruct the course of some central phonological changes in the history of the language. It... Les mer
Morpheme Order and Semantic Scope
Athapaskan languages are well known for their intricate morphology, in particular the complexity of their verbs. The significance of these languages... Les mer
The Amazonian Languages
The Amazon Basin is arguably both one of the least-known and the most complex linguistic regions in the world. It is the home of some 300 languages... Les mer
Educating English Language Learners
The book provides the first and only review of scientific research on the learning outcomes of students with limited or no proficiency in English in... Les mer
Language, Culture, and Society
Language, our primary tool of thought and perception, is at the heart of who we are as individuals. Languages are constantly changing, sometimes into... Les mer
Derivations in Minimalism
This pathbreaking study presents a new perspective on the role of derivation, the series of operations by which sentences are formed. Working within... Les mer
The Dravidian Languages
The Dravidian languages are spoken by over 200 million people in South Asia and in Diaspora communities around the world, and constitute the... Les mer
Northern English
English as spoken in the North of England has a rich social and cultural history; however it has often been neglected by historical linguists, whose... Les mer
Markedness refers to the tendency of languages to show a preference for particular structures or sounds. This bias towards ‘marked’ elements is... Les mer
Subjects and Universal Grammar
The subject of a sentence is a concept that presents great challenges to linguists. Most languages have something which looks like a subject, but... Les mer
The Germanic Languages
Germanic - one of the largest sub-groups of the Indo-European language family - comprises 37 languages with an estimated 470 million speakers... Les mer
Linguistics and the Formal Sciences
The formal sciences, particularly mathematics, have had a profound influence on the development of linguistics. This insightful overview looks at... Les mer
The Elements of New Testament Greek
Since 1914 Cambridge has published The Elements of New Testament Greek, a best-selling textbook for scholars and students of the Bible. The original... Les mer
How Children Learn Language
Adults tend to take language for granted - until they have to learn a new one. Then they realize how difficult it is to get the pronunciation right,... Les mer
Introducing Phonetic Science
This accessible new textbook provides a clear and practical introduction to phonetics, the study of speech. Assuming no prior knowledge of the topic,... Les mer
Using Arabic
Using Arabic is a guide to Arabic usage for students who have already acquired the basics of the language and wish to extend their knowledge.... Les mer
Negative and Positive Polarity
In this book, Ljiljana Progovac presents cross-linguistic data on negative polarity, reflexive binding and the subjunctive mood, and proposes a... Les mer
Introducing Second Language Acquisition
Written for students encountering the topic for the first time, this is a clear and practical introduction to second language acquisition (SLA). It... Les mer
Introducing Phonology
This accessible textbook provides a clear and practical introduction to phonology, the study of sound patterns in language. Designed for students... Les mer
Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition
This clear and informative textbook is designed to help the student achieve optimal success as a language learner and user. Aimed at beginning to... Les mer
Study Abroad and Second Language Use
Language plays an essential role in how we portray our personalities. Through social interaction, others develop a picture of us based on our... Les mer
A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic
This accessible grammar provides a concise and user-friendly guide to the structure of Modern Standard Arabic. Using familiar terminology and keeping... Les mer
The Lexical Field of Taste
Dr Backhouse undertakes a semantic study of taste terms in modern spoken Japanese. Through an investigation of the range of vocabulary available for... Les mer
The Sounds of Spanish
This accessible textbook provides a clear introduction to the sounds of Spanish, designed specifically for English-speaking students of the language.... Les mer