ARTMonitor 7/2009: The Place of Music

In the middle can also be read as: in the middle of us. Inside the head like a buzzing. Our among the throngs on the street lika a euphoria of signs.

How did this happen?

Content in ArtMonitor 7/2009

Music and the Art of Escapism
Magnus Haglund

The Artist
Cecilia Grönberg

Save Us from Tradition!
Mats Persson

Chris Newman

The Fantasy of Being Real
Maja Hammarén

The Melody of the Third Man
Erik Bünger

Are You Listening or Not?
Helga Krook

Shumann's Labyrinth and My Own
Magnus Haglund

Not Everything in America is Equally Big - Towards a Smaller Music
Fredrik Nyberg

Absence of M
Meira Ahmemulic

The Wolf and the Violin
Anna Lindal

Excursions and Refugees
Ole Lützow-Holm

Music Within the Silence
Sten Sandell

Time in Music and Time in Composition
Kim Hedås