ARTMonitor 8/2010: The Art Text

This issue is dedicated to the forms of artistic writing that are not fiction, critique or science, but interesting examples of the new kinds of essay writing that can be found in artistic research. Here the text is not a tool for inspection and control of research and thinking, but rather texts that are building blocks of open artistic processes of the most diverse kinds.
The issue is based on the international conference ArtText that was held at the Dickson Palace in Gothenburg 2009.

Content in ArtMonitor 8/2010

Johan Öberg

Dear reader: of private and public writing
Mick Wilson

A role-play (x y)
Clare Butcher

Jeremiah Day

Future reflections future (re) composition
Katrine Hjelde & Marsha Bradfield

Writing around a practice: walking around the city
Paul Landon

Life, death and beauty: performative writing in visual art
Tracy Mackenna

Modernity retired - science as image
Staffan Schmidt

Fashion fianchettos ñ text,program,fashion
Otto von Busch

Intersections between artistic approach and text genre
Katji Lindberg

Being native - distance, closeness
and doing auto/self-ethnography

Thommy Eriksson

Socialising in artistic research
Andreas Gedin

The design research text and the poetics
of foundational definitions

Lars Hallnäs

The empty gallery interviews
Claire Nichols

The poetics of history or - hatching an ugly duckling:
research in mode

Andrej Slávik

Work stories
Magnus Bärtås

The dialectics of the art text
Bart Geerts

A journey to the white desert
Irene Kopelman

Writing from within the creative process
Emma Göransson & Roland Ljungberg

Choices to be made at the crossroads
Raimi Gbadamosi

Working on the partial art of writing
Ylva Gislén

Failure to comunicate clearly or clearly failing to communicate
Amy Franceschini

Oh happy day - what makes research count as research
Mika Hannula

Artistic research and the "Butterfly effect"
Johan Öberg

Two doctoral projects by musicians in "musikalisk gestaltning"
Kati Hämäläinen

Got to get something started:
art and science meet at Kunsthalle Kiel

Mika Hannula

Nøkkelord: Tidsskrifter Kunst Essay Teori Samtidskunst