Kønst # 4

Kønst is a Norwegian art magazine made of artists, a forum where young artists are invited to present their work and foster a spirit of cooperation, creating a network across national borders. In each issue we have a different approach selecting works and presenting the art. In Kønst #4 we are taking it further. For the first time we have gathered a group of colleagues to create a group exhibition. This is a selection from the new art generation, who all share a link towards Berlin. In the previous numbers of Kønst we were selecting interesting, already existing art pieces to present. Now we feel it is important to go deeper into each piece, emphasizing the process and being part of the creation. Berlin is one of the most experimental cities for art in Europe, nowadays a natural meeting point and a place to exchange ideas and opinions with others. The paper issue of Kønst will be based on the works from this exhibition, interviews and articles concerning Erasing Darkness. (www.koenst.com)

- Anna Louise Overgaard (Danmark)
- Alvaro Urbano (Spain) www.project-sky.org
- Julie Sparsø Damkjær (Danmark) www.juliedamkjaer.com
- Tyra Tingleff (Norge) www.myspace.com/tyratingleff
- Jonas Jensen (Danmark) www.ennoia.dk
- Juan Requena (Venezuela) www.requena.ws
- Lene Baadsvig Ørmen (Norge) www.lenebaadsvig.com
- Sara Sølberg (Norge)

Nøkkelord: Tidsskrifter Kunst