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A Letter from Jena Osman
Jena Osman er poet og redaktør, bosatt i USA. Hun debuterte med Twelve Parts of Her i 1989, og har siden gitt ut en rekke... Les mer
Corporate Relations
A look at the constitutional history of corporate personhood in the United States. Although the Supreme Court Case Citizens United vs. United States... Les mer
Public Figures
An investigation of the gap between sight and site Public Figures is an essay-poem with photographs and text that begins with a playful thought... Les mer
Chain 12: Facts
"While not the death knell for CHAIN, this is the last annual issue of CHAIN for some time...We've decided that it's time to continue the CHAIN... > Les mer
Chain 11: Public Forms
Editors' Note As long as art is the beauty parlor of civilization, neither art nor civilization is secure. —John Dewey, Art as... > Les mer
Chain 10: Translucination
Editors' Note The topic for this issue was Cecilia Vicuña’s idea originally. And it was she who brought us to... > Les mer
Chain 9: Dialogue
9: Dialogue Joe Amato Bruce Andrews & Alani Apio Ademir Assunção & Kaká Werá Jecupé Guy Beining Shelly Berc Rachel Bers & E. Tracy... > Les mer
Chain 8: Comics
In late 1995 I gave up smoking, which put an immediate, temporary end to my writing. I couldn’t write and not . . . but ... > Les mer
Chain 7: Memoir/anti-memoir
Chain 7: memoir/anti-memoir presents new texts that show the expanse and range of contemporary memoir. The works gathered ... > Les mer
Chain 6: Letters
6: Letters Will Alexander • from Letters to Rosa Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo • 6 Days, Three Cities: Letters Home to the... > Les mer
Chain 5: Different Languages
This issue is about conversation. It is about the many languages that we use. It is about languages forming through intersection and... > Les mer
Chain 4: Procedures
4: Procedures Editors’ Notes Michael Basinski • Two Pauses or Eyebrows Guy R. Beining Dodie Bellamy and Joel Felix • Mrs. Dalloway: After... > Les mer
Twelve Parts of Her
Word groups in angular configurations, characters stressed together as a puppet show, a portrait without mug shots. Jena Osman is the author of... Les mer