Chain 6: Letters

6: Letters

Will Alexander • from Letters to Rosa
Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo • 6 Days, Three Cities: Letters Home to the Islands
Regis Bonvacino • I Transform Myself
Laynie Browne • from Correspondences
William Burroughs
Steve Carll • Clues: Another Hermeneutics
Martha Carothers • Capital Letters
Chris Chen and Susan Maxwell • Fictional Syllabary For "Copper"  Script
Norma Cole • Lecteur/Letter: the Letter A
Michael Corris • Voice Over No. 1
Franck David and Marie Nimier • Peser ses Mots / Seine Worte Wiegen
Kate Delos and Rena Rosenwasser • Supple in Black and White
Johanna Drucker • First Letters & the Infinite
Marcella Durand
Craig Dworkin
Paul Elliman • E Pluribus Unum
Joe Elliot
Brad Freeman
Mara Galvez-Breton • Una Mujer Que Escribe es (lesbiana?): 20 Cartas de Amor: o un Poema Hiperromantico
Susan Gevirtz and Myung Mi Kim
Michelle Grangaud • The Anagram
Ralph Gutlohn • from The Hat, The Watch and The Pen
Lyn Hejinian and Joan Retallack • The Clouds: (This is Not by Henrick ISBN)
Susan Holbrook • Letteral Sense
Alystyre Julian • Langue Hu—
Adeena Karasick • Spectral Profanities
Louise Landes Levi • The Yellow Scroll
Bill Luoma • from Dear Dad
Tim McCoy • The Alphabet Cycle
Nathaniel Mackey • from Atet A.D.
Bill Marsh • BEFORE and face
Bernadette Mayer • Selected Letters to Lewis Warsh, 1975-76
Deborah Meadows • Faux translation of Charles Baudelaire’s "To the Reader"
Gaston de Mey
Peter Neufeld • for G.O.
Nick Piombino
Meredith Quartermain • Breadth
Peter Quartermain • Paradise of Letters
Archie Rand • from Kabbalah/Tarot and Midnight Festival
Anna Reckin • Dictation
Johannes Ruth • Feline Phonetic Alphabet
Andrew Schelling and Anne Waldman • Letters
Mira Schor • Animate / Alphabet / Sublimate
Ron Silliman • from Ketjak2: Caravan of Affect
giovanni singleton • American Letters
Ardegno Soffici (with translation by Guy Bennett) • Typography
pete spence • Untitled and Homage to Dick Higgins
Christina Olson Spiesel • Presabshad and Flesh
Chris Vitiello • from The Single Word for the Duration of While Your Eyes Are Closed
Keith Waldrop • Two Poems
Marta L. Werner • The Flights of A 821: Dearchivizing the Proceedings of a Birdsong
Mac Wellman • from FNU LNU
Hendrick Werkmann
Darren Wershler-Henry
Ilya Zdanevich (with translation by Guy Bennett) • Zokhna and Her Suitors
Daniel Zimmerman • Isotope Poem

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    Jena Osman (red.) og Juliana Spahr (red.): Chain 6: Letters
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  • Tidsskrift: Chain
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