Chain 4: Procedures

4: Procedures

Editors’ Notes
Michael Basinski • Two Pauses or Eyebrows
Guy R. Beining
Dodie Bellamy and Joel Felix • Mrs. Dalloway: After Jackson Mac Low
Caroline Bergvall • from Flaunt Mine: Compact Mix
Jeremy Caplan • Legacy
John Cayley • from The Speaking Clock
Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito • State of the Art
Cynthia Conrad • Acccordian Variations (after Hoyle)
Maria Damon • “Independent Embroidery”: Theorizing Improvising Text/ile Collaborations
Tina Darragh • Bill Clinton Plane Ride Dream
Jean Day, John High, Jennifer Hoff, Lori Lubeski, and Patricia Pruitt
Alan Devenish • Just Checking
Kui Dong and Denise Newman • from Cess (after Turandot)
Dan Featherston • She Had Some Horseworms
William Fuller • True Intellectual System
Cliff Fyman • My Job to Throw Out Dead Mouse
Peter Gizzi • Ode: Salute to the New York School 1950-1970 (A Libretto)
Dale Going • The Number of the Right Time
Jessica Grim • Minutes, 11/18/96
Lauren Gudath and Chris Vitiello • from Research Assistant
Jorge Guitart and Lisa Samuels • A Sembled Turpitude
Dick Higgins • The Quarter-Deck
P. Inman • Milton Babbitt
David Kellogg • from Cartesian Procedure
Robert Kelly • Path Moss
Kevin Killian • Cross Roads
Wendy Kramer • O Art the Mystique of Vellum
Carl Lehmann-Haupt • from The Poetry of Design/The Design of Poetry
Tan Lin • from Box
Brigid McLeer • Firsts of Placing
Clarinda Mac Low • Sabotage
Jackson Mac Low • Accusation Falásha
Miranda Maher • Difficult Books
Lizbeth Marano • Entropia
William Marsh • from A•re•as
John Mason • Tag Barn 1
E. A. Miller • Lackawanna: 7 Equations
Laura Moriarty • Notes on Symmetry as a Procedure
Margaret Morton • Pepe Otero: Architect of Shantytown
Harryette Mullen
Laura Mullen • 35 1/2
Edward Mycue • 10 Rumbas
John Newman
Sianne Ngai • Enemy
Joan Retallack • The Blue Stares
William van Roden
Leslie Scalapino • from Deer Night
Catherine Schieve • Catahoula Benefete, Southwest Louisiana, November 1995
Ilana Simons • Boundaries Of The Ocean
Mary Margaret Sloan • On Method
Satoru Takahaski • Dumping Sight: Landscape/Landscope
Chris Tysh • Dead Letters
Keith Waldrop • Four Weeks
Rosmarie Waldrop • A Berlin Chronicle, Abridged
Hannah Weiner • Silent History
Susan Wheeler • Every Lover Admires His Mistress
Janet Zweig • Thinking Contest
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