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Kun lagervarer
Skuespillet Zivil er et bestillingsverk fra Riksteateret og hadde premiere i september 2008. Vi møter fem personer som ligger i dekning i et... Les mer
The Taming of a Shrew: The 1594 Quarto
This is a modernized edition of an anonymous play, long known to scholars, which appears to be an alternative version of Shakespeare’s popular... Les mer
Mellan scen och salong
Ridån går upp. Skådespelarna blickar ut över salongens välfyllda rader. Publiken riktar sin uppmärksamhet mot scenen. Scen möter salong och... Les mer
Psykose 4.48
I Psykose 4.48 blir det depressive – og suicidale – medvitet framstelt med stor avstand, og samstundes med smertande nærleik. Stykkets skjerande... Les mer
Euripides: Helen
This up-to-date edition offers a detailed literary and cultural analysis of Euripides’ Helen, a work which arguably embodies the variety and... Les mer
The Value of Names and Other Plays
Spanning a quarter of a century, this collection of plays demonstrates author Jeffrey Sweet’s eye for the drama of human relationships. Sweet works... Les mer
Bentley on Brecht
Since their first meeting in Santa Monica, California in 1942, Eric Bentley has been Bertolt Brecht's other, offstage voice. Just as Brecht... Les mer
Euripides: Helen
This up-to-date edition offers a detailed literary and cultural analysis of Euripides’ Helen, a work which arguably embodies the variety and... Les mer
A History of German Theatre
Covering German-language theatre from the Middle Ages to the present day, this study demonstrates how and why theatre became so important in... Les mer
Attempts On Her Life
Martin Crimp's 17 scenarios for the theatre, shocking and hilarious by turn, are a rollercoaster of late 20th-century obsessions. From... Les mer
Voices: Three Plays
Born in Trieste in 1939, Claudio Magris is a major Italian scholar, translator, and writer. His first book, Il mito asburgico nella letteratura... Les mer
Age of Arousal
Age of Arousal is a lavish, sexy, frenetic ensemble piece about the forbidden and gloriously liberated self – genre-busting, rule-bending, and... Les mer
Man from Nebraska: A Play
A luxury sedan, a church pew, a cafeteria table, a favorite TV show, and visits to a nursing home form the comfortable cycles of the dull daily life... Les mer
A phenomenal critical success when first produced by Western Theatre Conspiracy in 2004, Omniscience is much more than a murder mystery set in a... Les mer
Monstrous Martyrdoms: Three Plays
"The road will be red with monstrous martyrdoms, but we shall win." Oscar Wilde wrote these words at the end of the nineteenth century... Les mer
Kong Ødipus
Det mest berømte drama i den vestlige verden. En skæbnehistorie med tragediens frygtelige smerte og opklaringshistorie med kriminalgenrens... Les mer
Hippies and Bolsheviks and Other Plays
Hippies and Bolsheviks and Other Plays collects three works by one of Canada’s dramatic luminaries. Hippies and Bolsheviks is set in that hotbed... Les mer
Katt på heitt blekktak
Katt på heitt blekktak er eit av hovedverka til den amerikanske dramatikaren Tennessee Williams, og vart oppført første gong i 1955 på... Les mer
Heather Raffo
This new edition of Nine Parts of Desire includes a CD that is an elegantly enhanced audio version of the play with the full text performed by... Les mer
Modernism And Performance
This guide to modernism and performance introduces key developments and debates of the period, such as the rise of the director, new theories of... Les mer
Eight Plays - Performace Texts
The plays of Arthur Schnitzler have in recent years come to be recognized as masterpieces of modernism. This collection presents the most accurate... Les mer
Best Black Plays
Within the relatively recent development of a tradition of African American playwriting, the Theodore Ward Prize has, over its twenty-year history,... Les mer
The First Quarto of King Richard III
Shakespeare’s Richard III presents difficult textual problems. There are 2,000 verbal differences between the text of the first quarto (1597) and... Les mer
Finished from the Start and Other Plays
This collection of plays comes from one of Chile's finest voices of the voiceless: Juan Radrigán. A history marked by personal and political... Les mer